Friday, January 21, 2011

Blog Post # 15 In Response to Question O

          What can we do? Everyone can do a little bit, which could eventually lead to a huge help. I think that if everyone were to start speaking up and fight for change to actually happen, then we could see some huge progress in the future. Granted I know people want change to happen now, which leads me to say that if everyone just makes little changes each day, those little changes of say informing others of how oppression is from the past and should not be brought into the future, then the change could happen now.
            What can I do? I think I could really do a lot to help change my sphere of influence. First of all I think I could join an activist group and help fight for change with them. I think I could also start raising awareness around my community about the different types of oppression and discrimination that are going on around us, and teach people how to not involve themselves with discrimination. I also think I could be a little more aware of how I speak and talk about things such as discrimination, because ill admit I do make jokes from time to time which actually end up affecting the people around me. I really do want to help make a difference, so I think I will join an activist group and start really helping the cause. 


  1. The other thing to remember when talking, especially about people with disabilities, is to use people first language.

  2. I totally agree that if everyone just does a little it can make a HUGE change in how people act in our society!

  3. I also feel that it is more important to start than to start as big. Standing up for the injustice and discrimination around can really help to raise awareness.